a front-end for the pocketbase back-end

craft2023-01-01 05:00

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Jonobase is my custom, headless CMS project built on top of a Pocketbase back-end with a React (Next.js) front-end:

Not just a blog!

It allows for a modular architecture, with the ability to add dynamic horizontal sections to any page from a web-based system:


On top of that, it has hotkeys to search (command-K) and navigation menus (command-/) with a dark mode toggle to boot:

Sophisticated but minimalist post layouts

Single post pages include a presentable header with:

  • breadcrumbs
  • post metadata
  • tagging infrastructure ("kinds")
  • "older post / newer post" (aka "prev" / "next") pagination

Try it

Have a look at the demo @ vercel and the source code @ github